OFFICIAL: Let’s influence a 100,000 persons: It’s ZION HOUSE CHALLENGE


This is the time! Let get rolling. If you haven’t noticed, well, we have started a drive already with our #ZionHouseChallenge Project. The testimonies will start rolling in and TeamZIB are optimistic


How it goes: ARE YOU A ZIONER

Share Your Experience of the Last Spirit Life Conference

Share it with one of your amazing pictures,

Keep the date: Fri 16th to Sun 18th Nov for Spirit Life Conference 2018.

Tell them to visit our church website for more details:


We are fast tracking, setting the record, God has given to us eternal life and this life is in His Son, He that has the son Has this life. We are messenger of eternal life.Today we have started, I charge you with doubling the number of lives you are going to impact with your testimony.

Share your testimony + affect lives with your testimony, invite them to visit our church website, persuade them to be part of what is happening now in ZION HOUSE, is that a Deal?
NOTE. Simply tag at least 20 of your friends. We are networking the world with the message of Life, our sole aim is to impact lives, and give them opportunity to get involved in  Zion House!


Tell them to join the conference online or offline few days to go, Spirit Life Conference 2018.


Tag them below now + use our hashtag #SpiritLifeConference2018, #ZionHouseChallenge in all your post and comments. Please tag tag tag and tag again!! We have started! Let’s impact 100,000 persons.

LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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