Sunday Service with Pastor Chinedum Ilechukwu on 4th Nov

Today’s service was awesome… Filled with life Changing words.
Even if we believeth not he abideth faithful. GOD is the only one with the ability to make us who he wants us to be……..We might find our jobs more important or view challenges as a barrier on which we fail to strive in the preaching of the gospel but we should realize that the word of GOD is life and come to the terms that there is no excuse for being a liability in the church for no work is greater than the work of the Lord.
” for this I toil, striving with all the energy which he mightily inspires within me” We stand and preach the Gospel without fear or shaking…
Every man’s work will be tested by fire. .for only those who strive hard inspires GOD .
Every moment with the Lord should be seen as a huge opportunity, it would have been worse but GOD has done it all. .don’t stop talking, don’t stop convincing, don’t stop building and turning men to Christ for we shall stand accountable .Hence, we should do the work of him that sent us

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