I believe a question that has gone through my mind for years may have been going on in the mind of so many especially the

mind of lots of God’s people. Hence the need for me to ask this all important question of what should the greatest discovery of man be ? Through the years men have wondered what the greatest discovery should be. Could it be Wright’s discovery of aero plane or Thomas Edison’s discovery of electricity or Michael Faraday’s discovery of electric bulb or the great Socrates posit on self discovery.

The salvation that is in Christ Jesus according to the scriptures is pre ordained before the world began. And God who grants salvation to men have special assignments he wants them to fulll, and hence prepares vessels to help each one fulll this given assignment. The bible says;

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God has before ordained that we should walk in them. Eph. 2:10

So what should be the greatest discovery on earth for one who has received salvation? And invariably all men as it were.

It is important to note that through revelation I am altogether convinced that the greatest discovery man would ever make is the discovery of the Man God sent into his life.

By this I mean, your Man of God. So on this note

may I ask; who is the Man God put in your life to bring you into your God given inheritance?

It is glaringly evident from the scriptures that when God wants to bless a man or a people he sends a Man to them, and put the blessings and protection of the people in the mouth of that Man. When you discover the Man you nd your blessings and the consequent protections. So the discovery of your Man from God is most vital in your walk on earth.

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